Tools and Dev

The following is a collection of tools and researches I've done. Some are purely personal, others are based on a project or request, so they aren't all necessarily available to download. 



Tool to simplify the creation of fake reflection in Nuke. It creates a reflected version of the input camera based on the position of a plane, this one can be moved and animated.


SSS Shader

I’ve been looking into building some more complex shader in Nuke, only using the scanline render.
Here is my first attempt on creating a shader with SSS to simulate Jade



An utility tool to apply a lens distortion to a track.
Can be applied to any 2D animation (tracking, transform, animation from a reconcile3D node, etc…)
Just connect the lens distortion node, copy/link your animation, and it generated a curve for you. 
You can also directly generate a new transform node.



This was a personal challenge :)
I was looking for a way to create an expression based geometry displayed as a point cloud in Nuke.
After the cylinder and the cone, here is the sphere !